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Pass FAA Part 107 Exam Guarantee

We provide comprehensive course material so students pass the FAA part 107 exam or your money back. In addition, we include over seven (7) hours of video lessons and dozens of printed material. Coupled with nearly 400 multiple choice quizzes, we also provide two (2) timed 60-question practice exams. After a student reviews our course material, one will certainly pass the FAA Airmen’s Knowledge Exam the first time. The FAA allows students to miss up to 18 questions so no worries! 🙂

In the unlikely event you do not pass the exam by missing 19 questions or more and you wish to hang up your wings before you even get them, we will refund your $49 fee (please see Terms & Conditions for complete details).

At the conclusion of your exam, your report will include incorrect response codes. A few examples of these codes are PLT003 or PLT328.  These codes tell us which areas of the course material you missed the most questions in. PLT003 refers to Calculating aircraft performance-center of gravity. PLT163 refers to airspace clearance-visibility/cloud clearance. These codes will direct the student to specific areas you need the most help with. If you wish to remain enrolled to continue your studies, we’ll be more than happy to provide one-on-one assistance so you can concentrate on your weak study areas and take the test again in 14 days.

We are confident that if you devote 20 to 30 hours’ time studying, and pass our 60-question practice exams with at least an 80% passing grade, you should easily pass the FAA exam too!

The field of commercial remote pilots is a fast-growing industry, and we want to help prospective remote pilots earn their wings so they can begin their journey in one of the most lucrative businesses to come along in quite a while.  We look forward to serving you in the near future so you can become what we like to call, a Remote Pilot in Demand™!

Kind regards,

Frank Biganski
FAA Part 107 Certified | Course Instructor

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