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Employment Opportunities in Drone Operations

Broadcast Media  |  Agriculture  |  Insurance Claims
Construction  |  Aerial Photography  |  Surveyor

Employment opportunities as an FAA Part 107 certified remote pilot are taking off across American and around the globe in industries such as precision agriculture spraying, mapping and thermal imaging to assisting insurance claims adjusters in surveying and photographing property damage. Currently, a company called PrecisionHawk hires freelance Part 107 certified remote pilots to serve the needs of assisting insurance companies throughout the U.S.


Drones can be used for a variety of purposes such as checking on plant health, applying pesticides, or outfitted with a Near Infrared Camera (NIR) to generate NDVI maps to measure for healthy plants. Unhealthy plants absorb green light and reflect red light, thereby helping the farmer to detect diseased sections or areas. Having the ability to map an entire field quickly allows the farmer to estimate damage to crops from storms ore debris easier, and speed up the clean up. It can also help growers better estimate crop loss and help detect problems before they grow out of hand.


The use of drones in all phases of construction is being widely implemented from assisting designers create 3D models to reducing safety risks. Designers can create building information models to show clients how a project is progressing while helping to monitor and identify potential site or design problems too. Historically, survey and design tasks have traditionally required a plane or helicopter to provide such visual data but today, drones now provide the opportunity to offer these services at a more competitive rate and with the added bonus of gathering the data quickly and safely.


Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast television groups are vastly implementing the use of drone video feeds, both live and recorded, into all facets of their daily broadcasting lineup, and companies like Measure are quickly positioning themselves to assist and train television drone operators across America. The use of drones as an essential newsgathering tool is currently in place at many news stations, and broadcasting groups will need to hire certified remote pilots that are familiar with both state and federal regulations. Measure is a fantastic company that can offer certified remote pilots great employment opportunities.

Armed Forces Careers

All one has to do is Google “military drone careers” and you’ll see countless returns for amazing and exciting opportunities for UAS  operators in all facets of the Armed Forces. and are just two employment website where countless employment opportunities await FAA Part 107 certified remote pilots, with starting pay as high as $90,000.


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