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FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Drone Study Course

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Drone Course

Our FAA part 107 remote pilot drone study course will help you pass the FAA Part 107 drone license exam. Thereafter, you’ll receive your commercial drone license and begin operating drones in the United States and earning a great income!

  • Pass the exam and become an FAA certified commercial drone pilot.
  • Pass the exam and receive a commercial drone license.
  • You have to miss more than 18 questions to fail the test. In that case, you’ll fail.
  • Students and corporations use our course as a refresher before taking the FAA exam.
  • Over 7 hours of comprehensive instructional videos included.
  • Two 60-minute timed practice exams.
  • Dozens of additional practice quizzes specific to each lesson.
  • Hundreds of additional practice quizzes.


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Pass The Drone Exam

Pass The Exam With Ease!

Straightaway, we provide the best FAA part 107 remote pilot drone study course available. In turn, this will help you pass your remote pilot exam and concurrently, receive your drone license. In effect, our remote pilot drone course is perfect for the self-starter and visual learner. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive video tutorials and printed course material to help students retain information faster and more effectively.

Comprehensive Study Materials

The FAA reports students spend about 15 to 20 hours studying for the part 107 remote pilot exam. Conversely, we encourage students to take as much time as they need. Studying for part 107 is a complex endeavour so take your time and don’t rush. In reality, when you pass the practice quizzes and exams with at least a 90% score, you’ll be ready.

Comprehensive Video Lessons

Our course provides over seven hours of video lessons and over 300 practice questions. In addition, two 60-question timed practice exams and dozens of quizzes specific to each lesson. In essence, our course is perfect for the visual learner as it helps students retain course material for a longer period of time, and in a shorter amount of time. Explicitly, studies prove the brain forms new pathways when a task is repeated often.

Pass Exam On First Try

Given that the FAA states on average, about 83% of students pass the exam on their first try. Surprisingly, all you need is a passing grade of 70% to pass. Notwithstanding, a student can miss up to 18 questions and still pass the exam. You can skip questions during the exam and return to them later because contrarily, an answer can often be provided in a different question. Finally at the end of your exam, the proctor will provide your score detailing incorrect answers.

Some of Our Trusting Customers

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Drone Course


Learn everything you need to pass the remote pilot knowledge exam on your first try. Our comprehensive video lessons will help you understand complicated topics. Some lessons are long but you can easily stop and start at your own pace.


We provide unlimited lifetime access to all of our part 107 remote pilot lessons. Return again in 24 months for your drone license renewal and we’ll be here. Watch videos and take the exams as many times as you’d like with no limits.


Our course includes two 60-minute timed practice exams, similar to when you sit for your FAA remote pilot exam. Take our practice exams as often as you want to help you pass your final exam the first time.


We provide many quick-reference guides to help make learning visually easier. For example, deciphering how to read a METAR weather report will be easily explained in our visual PDF charts. The right-brain student will thank us. 🙂


You can watch our video lessons on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or TV. Wherever your busy life takes you, The Drone Coach will be there to provide comprehensive course lessons 24/7.


The FAA constantly updates the rules and regulations relating to drone certifications. We closely monitor and track these changes and update our lessons as needed. After all, you need to remain current on FAA part 107 policies as a commercial drone pilot.


At some point, you’ll have to fly your drone within a city. Given that, you’ll then find yourself flying in restricted airspace. Our lessons provide you with the ability read an aeronautical sectional chart so you know if you need prior FAA authorization.


Although our course provides non-proctored lessons, you can always reach out to us any time by emailing us at Although all of the answers are found within our courses, we always welcome your questions and we’ll help point you in the right direction.


Our course comes with dozens of practice quizzes too. Studies show that the brain forms new pathways when a task is repeated often. Take the quizzes as often as needed to help you pass your exam the first try.

Frequency Asked Questions

Who needs a part 107 license?

  • Anyone who flies a drone for commercial purposes in America must have a part 107 license from the FAA. For instance, if you’re an influencer and earn and income on YouTube; if you’re a roofing inspector and use a drone to inspect roofs; or if you’re a real estate agents using your own drone to market a property for sale, you must be part 107 certified.

Who is eligible for a part 107 license?

  • Anyone can become a part 107 certified drone pilot. You need to be at least 16 years old and able to speak and write English language. You must be in physical and mental condition to safely fly a drone (although no formal testing is performed). Furthermore, you do not need to be a US citizen. Additionally, you will need to pass a TSA background check. You must then pass the initial aeronautical knowledge exam “Unmanned Aircraft General Small (UAG).

What makes The Drone Coach unique?

  • Albeit, we’re honestly not that different from everyone else. At the present time, our course does not include a one-on-one teacher. However, our lessons are comprehensively designed. In early 2018, the creator of The Drone Coach paid several hundreds dollars for a drone course that seemed to be created by a physicist. As a result, The Drone Coach was born. Our lessons are designed to be concise and easy to understand.

What happens if I need help?

  • Studying for the FAA part 107 remote pilot drone course can become overwhelming. For that reason, you may email with questions and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Remember, this is a non-proctored course. Undoubtedly, you may have many questions. But undeniably, all of the answers are found within our course materials and videos.

How many hours does it take to study for the test?

  • The FAA reports that students spend 15-20 hours studying to pass the part 107 exam. We recommend that students take as long as they need. You’ll be ready when you obtain at least a 90% passing grade on our practice exams and quizzes.

How much does it cost to take the exam?

  • As of 2023, the part 107 remote pilot exam costs $175 and is administered by an authorized testing center. Testing fees are paid directly to the testing center and the fees are non-refundable. If you fail an exam, you must wait 14 days before you can retake the exam.

Where can I take the exam?

  • The FAA procures its exams through authorized PSI testing centers throughout the country. Exams are conducted at most municipal airports near you. To find a PSI testing center near you and also register for your exam, click here:

Do I need to bring anything to the test?

  • No. Not even your mobile phone. All course material will be provided to you including a calculator and study book. Your exam is monitored by a proctor and CCTV. This is a government-level exam.

Do you work with corporations, schools or universities?

  • We have many schools, universities and corporations as registered students. Each student or employee must register and purchase a course individually. Educators may also purchase a single course for use in a classroom of any size.

Is the FAA exam the same as the course material?

  • Yes and no. Many questions will be a lot like the course materials. Conversely, other questions will have you thinking you’re taking the wrong exam. To clarify, this is a government level exam and the FAA will be testing your reading comprehension.


How to become a Remote Pilot In Demand!™

Our part 107 remote pilot drone study course provides everything you need to become a certified remote drone pilot. With our course materials you will learn:

  • Minimum age restrictions to register and operate a drone in America.
  • Understanding the difference between controlled and uncontrolled airspace.
  • Understanding regulatory and nonregulatory airspace (Class B, C, D, E, and G airspace).
  • How to interpret aeronautical sectional charts in the National Airspace System (NAS).
  • Recognizing and understanding weather and its effects on an sUAS.
  • Understanding weather patterns and how conditions affect safe aircraft flight.
  • Interpreting and understanding routine weather reports.
  • Understanding proper pilot radio phraseology.
  • Understanding how load factors affect flight (onboard cameras or other payloads).
  • Understanding how load factors affect in flight turns, take-offs, landings, and center of gravity (CG).
  • Learning how to work with emergencies and proper emergency procedures and protocol.
  • Learning crew resource management (CRM), hazardous attitudes, conducting safe flight operations.
  • Understanding physiological factors that can affect safe flight.
  • Nighttime flying without a waiver from the FAA.

Pass The Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam With Ease

Receiving your part 107 certification can be the first step in becoming a fully licensed private pilot. Title 14 part 107 contains the same information students must learn to obtain their private pilot’s license. We realize some students just want to pass part 107 as quickly as possible to begin working as a commercial drone pilot. Unfortunately, unless you have an eidetic memory, there is no fast-n-easy workaround. But for this reason, we offer our FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Drone Course for just $49.00. For a one time payment, you’ll have lifetime access so you can take your recurrent exam in two years from now.

In a short amount of time, you’ll be on your way to working as a certified part 107 remote drone pilot while earning a great income. And the opportunities are endless as drone businesses and employment are growing across America. Opportunities to provide video or photos for cell tower inspections, rooftop inspections, crop dusting and surveying are growing, and of course there’s the real estate market too.

In summary, study often, study everything, and we’re confident that you’ll soon be on your way to becoming what we like to call, a Remote Pilot in Demand™!

The Drone Coach

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