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FAA Part 107 Remote ID Compliance

FAA Part 107 Remote ID compliance was mandated by September 15, 2023 however, the FAA is allowing a compliance extension to March 16, 2024.

How to be Remote ID Ready

There are three ways drone pilots can meet the Remote ID rule requirements.

  • Firstly, operate a drone with built-in Remote ID that broadcasts an identification and location information of the drone and its control station. A Standard Remote ID drone is one that is produced with built-in Remote ID broadcast capabilities in accordance with the Remote ID rule’s requirements.
  • Secondly, operate a drone with a Remote ID broadcast module. A broadcast module is a device that broadcasts identification and location information about the drone and its take-off location in accordance with the Remote ID rule’s requirements. is one example of where Remote ID modules may be purchased.
  • Thirdly, operate a drone without Remote ID equipment, but only within FAA-recognized identification areas that are sponsored by community-based organizations or educational institutions. FRIAs are the only locations where both drones and radio-controlled airplanes may operate without broadcasting a Remote ID message.

FAA Part 107 Remote ID Compliance

Firstly, if your drone does not have Remote ID, you may be able to fly in an FAA Recognized Identification Area (FRIA). Conversely, this route will significantly reduce your ability to earn an income while commercially operating as a remote drone pilot.

Secondly, you can pay $200-$350 for a Remote ID (RID) module addon. This process will add some weight to your sUAS, but this is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new drone.

Thirdly, and this is just a thought, but the DJI Mini 3 Pro is Remote ID compliant. And if you have a Mavic Air 2 or similar, your existing RCN1 controller will work seamlessly with the DJI Mini 3 Pro. So instead of paying $200-$350 for a Remote ID module, why not just spend $250 more and buy a new Mini 3 Pro?

In the meantime, the best way to remain informed on the FAA’s rules regarding remote ID compliance, we’ve compiled a list of web links for you to bookmark.

FAA Recognized Identification Areas (FRIA)

FAA List of Compliant RID Drones

FAA: Getting Started With Remote ID

FAA UAS Data Map

DJI Web Page On FAA Remote ID Compliance


Straightway, we can provide a website links so you can determine if your drone is FAA part 107 Remote ID compliance ready. Most newer drones are already Remote ID compliant. Fortunately, DJI has stated that some of their older drone models like the Mavic Air 2 will become RID compliant through a software upgrade. Here’s a few website links to help you with your FAA part 107 Remote ID compliance.

FAA UAS Declaration of Compliance

DJI List of RID Ready Drones

Adorama Remote ID Modules

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