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Free FAA Part 107 Remote Drone Pilot
Practice Exam 2

This is a new multiple choice 60-question practice exam, with all new questions and answers! Similar to the actual Part 107 Remote Pilot Airman Knowledge Exam, this in a non-timed exam and questions are shuffled with every visit so take the test as often as you want. Your score with correct and incorrect answers will be provided at the end of this exam as well. Good luck!

1. What effect does high density altitude have on the efficiency of an sUAS propeller?


2. The elevation of the Chesapeake Regional Airport (Area 2) is:
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3. Outside of control tower hours, when a control tower is closed, Class D airspace becomes:


4. What is the antidote when a pilot has the hazardous attitude of “Impulsivity?”


5. Between 1000Z and 1200Z the visibility at KMEM is forecast to be?
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6. When flying an aircraft with call letters HAWK N666CB, the proper phraseology for initial contact with McAlester Flight Service is:


7. An “unmanned aircraft” is defined as a device operated:


8. Why would the small flag at Lake Drummond (see area 2) of the sectional chart be important to a remote pilot?
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9. Which of the following considerations does the FAA feel is most relevant to a remote pilot when evaluating unmanned aircraft performance?


10. What effect does an uphill terrain slope have on launch performance of a fixed-wing sUAS?


11. The basic weather minimums for operating an sUAS up to the 400 AGL limit are:


12. The airspace directly overlying Fort Worth Meacham airport is:
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13. The most critical conditions of launch performance are the result of some combination of high gross weight, altitude, temperature, and:


14. If an overweight plane makes a turn, what is likely to happen?


15. You received an outlook briefing from flight service. The briefing indicates you can expect a low-level temperature inversion with high relative humidity. What weather conditions would you expect?


16. A local TV station hires a remote pilot to operate their sUAS to cover breaking news stories. In the past, the remote pilot has had multiple near misses with obstacles on the ground and two minor UAS accidents. What would be a solution for the news station to improve their operating safety culture?


17. Methodical maintenance and inspection data collection can prove to be very helpful in the tracking of:


18. What are the wind conditions at Winkler County Airport (KINK)?
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19. What is the relationship of lift, drag, thrust, and weight, when the airplane is in a straight and level flight?


20. An aircraft announces that they are on the short final for runway 09. Where will the aircraft be in relation to the airport?


21. What is the definition of CTAF?


22. The floor of the controlled airspace overlying the Sandpoint Airport is:
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23. In a METAR report, what does “BR” indicate?


24. What is the standard air temperature and pressure at sea level?


25. Heatstroke is a condition caused by any inability of the body to control its:


26. What is the effect on an aircraft that is overloaded aft of the center of gravity (CG)?


27. Which of the following is considered a “ceiling”?


28. Flight logging should include all components of your sUAS except:


29. 14 CFR Part 91 requires that at least:


30. What hazards to aircraft may exist in areas such as Carrington Airport and Devils Lake East MOA?
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31. The correct phonetic for R08TN is:


32. Before each flight, the remote pilot in command must ensure that:


33. Which of the following will increase load on the wings of a fixed-wing aircraft?


34. An inbound aircraft pilot should communicate with the Flight Service Station (FSS) on the common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF):


35. What is the purpose of the rudder on a fixed-wing aircraft?


36. Consistent adherence to approved checklists is a sign of:


37. To avoid missing important steps, always use the:


38. What is the floor of the controlled Victor airways labeled V491 & V15?
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39. Properly maintaining your LiPo batteries can increase their useful life by 3 to 4 times. Proper maintenance includes:


40. Low-level turbulence can occur and icing can become hazardous in which type of fog?


41. The horizontal distance the FAA recommends operating your sUAS when flying near guy wires is:


42. You are conducting surveillance and anticipate losing visual sight of your sUAS within a small segment of the flight plan. The flight:


43. In the TAF from KOKC, the clear sky becomes:
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44. The frequencies used to control sUAS are considered line-of-sight, which means:


45. It’s 40 minutes until official sunrise. How long must you wait to operate your unmanned aircraft if you don’t have anti-collision lighting?


46. What is the one common factor which affects most preventable accidents?


47. The FAA wants you to determine the approximate latitude and longitude of Minot Intl Airport.
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48. When loading cameras or other equipment on an sUAS, mount the items in a manner that:


49. What multicom frequency is used at a non-towered airport when UNICOM isn’t available?


50. What is the valid period for the TAF for KMEM?
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51. What should you expect if you see lenticular clouds over a mountain?


52. A series of judgmental errors which can lead to a human factors-related accident is sometimes referred to as the:


53. To ensure that the unmanned aircraft center of gravity (CG) limits are not exceeded, follow the aircraft loading instructions specified in the:


54. What does the dashed magenta line east of Area 6 indicate?
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55. When using your SUAS drone in a commercial operation, who is responsible for briefing the participants about emergency procedures?


56. An increase in load factor will cause a fixed-wing unmanned aircraft to:


57. The suffix “nimbus” used in naming clouds means:


58. What minimum elevation should a manned aircraft pilot fly to clear all obstacles in the quadrants surrounding Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ)?
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59. What is the approximate latitude and longitude of Cooperstown Airport?
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60. The wind direction and velocity at KJFK is from:
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