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FREE FAA Part 107 Drone Video Crash Course

Part 107 Video Lesson

We provide this free FAA part 107 exam prep study guide to help our students prepare and pass the Aeronautical Airman Test. This is the same video our students have access to for the purposes of passing the test. In addition, we provide additional course material pertaining directly to part 107 as provided by the FAA. Specifically, this 15 minute video includes over 200 definitions and answers to the most commonly asked questions.  Moreover, our part 107 test prep video is well-suited for study right before taking the final test. Consequently, after a student reviews this 15 minute video, they will be prepped and ready to take the FAA part 107 exam.  New Bonus: Our Lesson #6 on Airport Operations is FREE! This is not a sample or snippet of the class but rather, it’s the entire class with video lesson and quiz questions for free!

FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Prep

FAA-Suggested Part 107 Study Materials

FAA Part 107 Test Prep Study Guides

Here are links to down the FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.  A lot of the information within this handbook may be in your final part 107 test, but some of this information will not.  For this reason, the FAA has provided separate downloads to each chapter for ease-of-reference.  Although all of the information you need to know for your part 107 test will be found within our online classes.  However, we also find that having this information to review after studying our course material will help you to form a better understanding of the part 107 test as well.

If some of this information seems a little overwhelming, then let The Drone Coach help you. We realize there’s a lot of information to retain. Regardless of how much information you’ve already found online, you’re wondering which information will be on the Airmen’s Test and which information will not.  Fortunately we’ve taken just the information you need to know and condensed it down to about seven (7) hours of video lessons.  And we also include accompanying printed text booklets too. In addition, we include 400 practice questions covering every topic that will be in the final exam.  We invite you to preview a free lesson in its entirety on “Airport Operations” and we’ve also included the video below.  We’re confident you’ll like our part 107 study classes and after devoting about 30 hours’ time studying our complete course materials, we know you’ll be well on your way to what we like to call a Remote Pilot in Demand™!

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