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FREE FAA Part 107 Drone Video Crash Course

We provide this free FAA Part 107 exam prep study guide to help you prepare and pass the FAA Airman Knowledge Exam so you can obtain your part 107 remote pilot certificate. The 15 minute video provides definitions (answers) to just about every phraseology contained within the part 107 exam, and we also provide direct FAA part 107 links below to download all of the information required to read in order to prepare for the Part 107 Airman Knowledge Exam.

If you find this information is too much to digest by itself, then watch our free, comprehensive YouTube video tutorials detailing everything from Nighttime Flying, Crew Resource Management (CRM), and perhaps our most watched videos, the National Airspace Systems,  Aviation Weather, Aeronautical Sectional Charts, and SUAS Regulations.

FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Prep

FAA-Suggested Part 107 Study Materials

FAA Part 107 Test Prep Study Guides

Here are links to down the FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.  A lot of the information within this handbook may be in your final part 107 test, but some of this information will not.  For this reason, the FAA has provided separate downloads to each chapter for ease-of-reference, although all of the information you need to know to pass the part 107 exam is found within our online classes.

If all of this information is still a little daunting, then do as thousands of other students have done and gain access to nearly 300 practice questions and answers, two (2) 60-question timed exams, all printed course materials for future reference, for just $49.00. You’ll have lifetime access to these practice exams and quizzes, and the information pertaining to part 107 is updated as needed.

If some of this information seems a little overwhelming, then let The Drone Coach help you. We realize there’s a lot of information to retain and regardless of how much information you’ve found online, you’re likely still wondering which information will be on the FAA Airman Knowledge Exam. Fortunately, we’ve condensed this information down to about seven (7) hours of video lessons, and we now provide these videos to you for free. If videos alone aren’t enough for you, for just $49, we provide nearly 300 practice questions covering every topic that will be in the final exam, along with printed materials and two (2) timed practice exams as well. We’re confident that if you devote about 30 hours’ time studying our videos and course materials, we know you’ll be well on your way to what we like to call a Remote Pilot in Demand™!

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