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part 107 remote pilot study guides

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Study Guides

FAA Part 107 Study Guides

Download essential FAA part 107 remote pilot study guides for free. These study guides are much-needed booklets required to help you pass and ace your remote pilot drone test.

These free study guides contain all of the information required to help you learn the rules and regulations regarding commercial drone operations in the United States. These part 107 study guides are directly from the FAA, so these study guides will provide you with the most current and comprehensive information available. The following part 107 study guides include:

  • How to register for the relevant certifications required to operate a drone or UAS.
  • How to operate an sUAS in accordance to FAA regulations.
  • How to register with the FAA.
  • Understanding commercial restrictions.
  • sUAS operation limitations.
  • Nighttime operations.
  • Operations over people.
  • Hazardous flight operations and altitudes.
  • Radio communications.
  • Weather and meteorology.
  • Accident reporting.
  • Best practices and responsibilities of a drone pilot.
  • Visual line of sight operations.
  • Right of way rules and flying over people.
  • METAR report and TAF report.
  • Stages of thunderstorm and cloud formation.
  • Airspace classifications.

FAA Part 107 Study Guides for:

FAA-CT-8080-2H Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement
This download is the same paper booklet that you will be given at a PSI exam testing center.

FAA-8083-25C Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
This PDF download contains information that will be on your remote pilot exam however, not everything within these 522 pages are required knowledge. It is suggested that after you study our lessons a few times, then review this handbook to further your knowledge.

FAA Part 107 Study Guides for:

All FAA Airmen Training Documents & Study Materials
This FAA web page contains links to updates and important information remote pilots should be aware of. We recommend visiting this site for additional sample questions from the FAA, advisory circular updates, and much more.

FAA Part 107 Study Guides for:

FAA Aeronautical Sectional Charts User Guide
This is an extremely helpful resource from the FAA which provides updates on aeronautical sectional charts, airspace classes, airport and runway icons, explanations of obstacles, elevations, prohibited areas, restricted areas, plus much more.

FAA Aeronautical Chart Users’ Guide – 137 Pages

FAA Part 107 Study Guides for:

FAA NOTAMS Nationwide

FAA Advisory Circulars

FAA Airmen Services Logon


FAA Part 107 Study Guides for:

Operations Over People

UAS Registered/Certified Remote Pilots

NOAA Weather Map

Live Air Traffic Control Broadcasting

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