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Learn Everything On FAA Test Exam
Hundreds Of Actual Practice Questions Included!

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As recent as 2016, the FAA reported 100,000 registered drones with 1,000 registered monthly!

Pass Part 107 for Only $107

The Drone Coach will help you pass the FAA Part 107 exam and receive your drone certification.  Our lessons are perfect for the visual learner.  We provide video tutorials with printed course material to help students retain information faster and more effectively. The FAA reports students spend 15 to 20 hours studying for the part 107 remote pilot exam.  We encourage students to take all the time they need.

The First Step In Becoming A Remote Pilot

Our video lessons are thorough providing about 400 practice questions along with two 60-question practice exams. Moreover, visual learning helps students retain course material for a longer period of time and in a shorter amount of time.  Students are member for life which allows you to review the course material and practice exams as often as needed.  Not surprisingly, the FAA reports that about 83% of students pass the exam on their first try.  And all you need is a passing grade of 70%.  So students can miss up to 18 questions and still pass the exam.  The average student misses about 6 to 11 questions.

Sample Video Lessons

sUAS METAR Report Preview

Part 107 Class B Airspace Preview

Pass The Exam With Ease

Receiving your part 107 certification can be the first step in becoming a fully licensed private pilot. Title 14 Part 107 contains the same information students must learn to obtain their private pilot’s license. We realize some students just want to pass part 107 as quickly as possible. After all, students want to begin working as a commercial remote pilot in command as quickly as possible. But there is no easy work-around to passing this exam.  Of course we strongly encourage students to take their time when studying the lessons. Although some of the questions will be easy, another group will be challenging.  Notwithstanding, many questions will be worded in a manner to test your reading comprehension.  Finally, be sure to read each question carefully.

Soon, and in a short amount of time, you’ll be on your way to working as a certified part 107 remote pilot.  The opportunities are endless. Drone businesses and employment are fast growing across America. Work in cell tower inspections, rooftop inspections, crop dusting and surveying are growing. And of course there’s the real estate market too. China has even implemented flame-throwing drones to remove debris from high-tension power lines.

Total cost for lifetime membership to all of our lessons is $107.  This includes over 20 hours of video classroom study, close to 400 practice questions with answers, dozens of PDF downloads, cheat-sheet maps and charts, 15 minute crash course exam video, and important FAA website links. And since the remote pilot must take a recurrent test every two years, you pay only once for lifetime enrollment and future course updates.

Contact us if you have any pre-enrollment questions but once enrolled, we’re confident that you’ll quickly be on your way to becoming what we like to call, a Remote Pilot in Demand™!

Frank Biganski
FAA Part 107 Certified | Course Instructor

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