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Best Part 107 Online Test Prep Course for 2023

Before you can earn a living from flying drones, you must take and pass the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aeronautical Knowledge Exam. Often referred to as the part 107 test, the part 107 knowledge exam is a very complex, tricky, and complex exam that is actually a requirement for anyone wanted to obtain a private or commercial pilot’s license. The exam is intense and requires a lot of dedication, and the FAA will not make this easy.

Since the emergence of the drone industry in the United States in 2016, dozens of part 107 online courses have emerged to teach you everything you’ll need to know on how to become a certified remote pilot and obtain your FAA part 107 remote pilot certification. And at, we aren’t too proud to say that “we are the best” because we understand that everyone’s learning style is completely different from another.

Some students need a lot of handholding and coaching throughout the entire learning process, and that’s okay. Others may be fortunate enough to have an idyllic memory, and those students prefer to quickly review the printed course material and just take the practice exams. Whatever your style of learning, we understand. And this is why we want to provide you with this truly unbiased list of drone classroom providers that we are aware of. These are not paid endorsements. This list is provided to you as our way of trying to help you make a more informed decision. provides all of their video tutorials on their YouTube channel for free and then charges a one-time fee of $49 to access the same video material as found of their YouTube channel. But in addition, the $49 fee provides lifetime access to over 300 practice quizzes and exams and two timed 60-question practice exams. There is no coaching or classroom support provided so this classroom is designed for the student who prefer a hands-off approach to learn on their own, or to just use the practice quizzes and exams right before taking the final FAA knowledge exam.
Peltier Photo Courses is owned and operated by John Peltier, a licensed commercial pilot and Air Force veteran who brings a wealth of knowledge to his remote pilot training courses. His courses offer a variety of options but basically, his remote pilot online courses begin at just $139 and provides online chat support with John and lifetime access as well. is owned and operated by professional pilot Jason Schappert and for only $149, Jason offers the lowest-priced remote pilot training course available that also provides 24/7 support and lifetime access to the course material. In addition to, Jason also owns and operates, which is a professional pilot school based in Ocala Florida. Seriously, aside from our $49 course, provides the best value for your money. is another company that offers drone course instructors that are also licensed private or commercial pilots. For $149, students have lifetime access to hundreds of practice questions, as well as both video and printed course material. Like many online classes with 24/7 support, Pilot Institute guarantees that you’ll pass the FAA Knowledge Exam or they will refund you your $149 plus, pay you an additional $175.

In all honesty, very few people fail the FAA Part 107 remote pilot exam so we suggest that you focus more on learning the material and look at some of the sample videos offered by most of these companies.

In our opinion, the remaining online classes all offer pretty much the same level of service and material. They’re all priced from about $250 to $300 for lifetime access to video and printed material, as well as dozens of practice quizzes and exams. Some companies may have the material broken down into smaller segments, which some students may find easier to digest. Other may provide better and faster customer support and online forums. You will have to visit each of the companies below to make that determination yourself.
Dart Drones is perhaps the first company to have made drone classes accessible to anyone willing to pay the money. We remember when Dart Drones was featured on Shark Tank way back in 2017, and they’re still going strong today. Pricing begins at $250 and they also offer various tiered packages for those who want one-on-one drone flight proficiency training. The FAA does not mandate remote pilots take a proficiency exam but in the UK and many European countries, flight proficiency exams are a requirement.
Drone Launch Academy is is yet another “higher-priced” remote pilot online schools that offers 24/7 support, a pass the exam guarantee, and lifetime access. | 
UAV Coach and Drone Pilot Ground School are one-in-the-same, and they provide clearly defined video courses as well as practice exams and a pass-the-exam guarantee. Pricing begin at $299 but you can often find $50 discounts on many drone blog websites. As a side note, Drone Pilot Ground School is the company where the owner of studied, back when the courses were a mere $199.

Thanks again for considering as your resource for learning and passing part 107 of the FAA Airmen Knowledge Exam, and we wish you well on becoming a Remote Pilot in Demand™!

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