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Most Challenging Questions
FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam

We understand that there’s some very challenging aspects to Part 107, and these are several of the most missed areas for many students:

  • How to interpret a METAR weather reports;
  • How to interpret a TAF weather forecast report;
  • Class B Airspace Defined;
  • Class E Airspace Defined;
  • sUAS Loading & Performance;
  • Airport Operations: Runway Patterns & Approaches

We want to provide prospective students with the opportunity to view some video snippets from our online classrooms, which will allow you to see how we teach our courses and also, help other remote pilots understand these challenging aspects as well.

Need additional help? For just a one-time payment of $49, you can have access to nearly 300 practice questions and answers, along with hundreds or quizzes specific to each category. In addition, you’ll have access to two (2) timed 60-question practice exams too.

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